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Tear off, Flip off, ROPP Cap

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An Aluminium Flip Off seal with plastic top which flips off tearing out the centre revealing the septa or stopper, commonly used for injection. Tamper evident allows complete tear of the aluminium seal by hand. The Aluminium seal remains attached to the plastic top & allows the complete removal of the aluminium part.Similar to tear off but with a tag on the side of the plastic cap indicating position & direction of removal.Closures made of aluminium are internationally accepted sealing devices which are fitted on glass, plastic and metal containers to prevent pilferage.A simple twist breaks the pilfer-proof seal, thereby assuring the consumer of the purity of the product sealed.When the closure is fitted back on the bottle after part consumption of the product, it ensures that the contents are secure and does not evaporate or deteriorate fast.These closures are made from high quality aluminium with surface decoration of international standard.

Tear off, Flip off, ROPP Cap
Normal Size O.D. ID H D
 13 mm 15.0 13.3 8.3 7.0
15.2 13.5 8.8 7.2
 20 mm 20.6 20.2 7.6 10.0
22.5 20.2 9.0 7.6
  D = Out Side Diameter
  ID = In Side Diameter
  H = Height
  D = Vial Seal Deep